What is your FIT?


When your body is functioning properly everything seems to be in harmony.  Moving forward, backward, sideways, up, down and rotating is how we are designed to perform.  Our goal is to design a fitness and movement program for you to achieve your goals.  


Your inspiration is what drives you.  Losing weight, starting a fitness program, bettering your golf swing, or just coming out of physical therapy and need a transition program.  Our team takes the time to learn about you and what drives you.  We become your partner through your fitness and movement journey.


Reaching your goal!  You see the improvement in your golf swing. You lost a few inches in your waist. You can get up and down off the floor with ease.  You ran your first mile.  We work with you to celebrate that goal and everything that comes with it.   The harmony of function, the smiles of success and the lift in spirit we all look for in your success!


“I believe in building an exercise program to fit you vs. trying to fit you into an exercise program. Exercise should never be scary.  It should be fun and available to everyone.” – Godelieve Babey, President