Meet Godelieve


 PRESIDENT & OWNER, Movement & Fitness Trainer


Godelieve Babey founded Be Fit Anywhere, LLC in 2007 with the mission to reunite your body with the ability to play and stay fit through exercise by providing quality personal training and fitness services to those who prefer to exercise in a non-gym environment. When you work with Godelieve you receive more than quality personal training. She is a Functional Movement Specialist from her Fellowship in Applied Functional Science and Certification in FMR through the highly respected Gray Institute. Her ability to train clients requiring post-rehab, has prior injury or has a disability brings her referrals not only from her current clients but from Physical Therapists and Chiropractors as well. She has the talent and skill to regress an exercise to its simplest form making her known as “Queen of subtle movements”!

You get a coach in your corner! Godelieve loves to coach, train and develop. This passion stems from her 15 years in the banking industry from the retail branches into the corporate division and being a soccer coach for her son. She understands the challenges of trying to bring fitness and movement needs into your life and works with you to find a solution. She understands injuries and pain and what is required to work through it. She understands the commitment needed for consistency to bring the results you desire.

You get a trained eye to see how you move. Godelieve knows the movement chain and can see where you may have movement inefficiencies. This is very helpful to study your gait in running, your swing in golf, tennis, baseball to how you perform daily movement activities at home. She also knows the difference in movement patterns between men and women.


When you work with Godelieve you have an expert! She has created movement routines for a manufacturing plant with global distribution to being an Expert Witness for the courts.

Credentials / Memberships:
Fellowship in Applied Functional Science, CAFS, 3D MAPS, Female Chain Reaction, Functional Manual Reaction, ACSM Personal Trainer & Inclusive Fitness Trainer (for persons with disabilities), TPI Certified for Golf, ACSM Diabetes & Exercise, group, youth, senior, prenatal, TRX, Boxing Fitness, kickboxing, indoor cycle and CPR-AED. Member of ACSM, IDEA Health and Fitness Association; Aerobics and Fitness Association of America; BNI – Clients Plus Chapter in Hillsborough, NJ; Somerset County Business Development (Women in Business, Wellness Committee); Economic Business Development in Hillsborough; 

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