The Pros and Cons of Simple Stubbornness

Life is an amazing journey and everyone has their own story. Each person’s story includes family, friends, non-friends and enemies. We all have our sense of gratitude for the way our lives have been touched in one way or another. This blog post is about the enemy we create for ourselves – The “I don’t want to look old” syndrome. Principle of truth: Our bodies age with time. How it ages is based on the decisions made during your lifetime and now comes a time you need help but will not acknowledge it. Suddenly you may ask “When did I become slower? My feet hurt and are unstable! I’m kyphotic (hunched over) and I am so afraid of falling! How did this happen?” However, the concept of a cane or walker is out of the question for “you do not want to look old”. Who is the real enemy here? Time? Gravity? Pain? Burden? Pride? Fear? The answer is YES! We cannot force our loved ones to realize they need help and utilize the tools available to help them. We know that these tool will help stabilize and help keep them safe lessening our fear and worry. Hopefully we can learn how it feels in order not to repeat these behaviors to the ones we love. Take care of your stubborn self today as aging is bound to happen. Be stubborn in keeping a solid healthy movement and nutrition program to enjoy your loved ones for many years. Acknowledge when tools are needed to maintain your quality of life which will be a gift of keeping fear and worry about you at bay. Photo Credit:

Following Through

Following Through: Starting something new always seems to have the one thing attached to it, following through. I started this new website one year ago and it has been such a journey. It started with a change in the logo, new touch and feel, better integration with technology, package design and the like. What I did not expect how each layer of the journey impacted my belief system. Every step of the way I had to ask if what I was putting out there authentic and true to me while resisting the corporate stamp feel. I am very passionate about my work and how I can help my clients achieve their goals. The commitment I have put into this project over the past year made me grow, learn and appreciate all the help everyone has given me along the way. Following through requires a support team. My support team asked me some really tough questions along the way, held me accountable to complete some key steps, showed me love when tired and a great intern, Jayden, to help me actually write the material! Success requires one's passion, commitment and drive. One alone cannot do it alone. We need to build our team to lean on, support us and push us when tired. Why? Because when we believe in something our team believes in us and what we can do too.