Your Movement Defines Your Identity

Your movement defines who you are. Think about it. You know gardeners, knitters, runners, golfers, tennis players, bakers, computer geeks, mechanics, home makers and the list goes on. Most people you know actually have a combination of movements they enjoy (and don’t enjoy) in life. Let’s take me for example. I am a runner, walker, biker, kayaker and a cook. These are some of the things I like to do and try do more of in my life. The things I don’t like: being on the computer, washing floors, paper work and general sitting. I still need to do these movements associated with those activities but they do not define me. For those who know me well I prefer to stand when I can (as a matter of fact I am standing at my kitchen island writing this so I don’t sit). My husband and I are known to be an active couple because we go out to play. We are runners at very different speeds, kayakers, bikers and golfers. Are we really good at any of them? No. You don’t have to be! The point is if you want to be something then get involved in the movements that get you there. I watched this excellent TED talk about how the body can change the mind and the mind can change the body. If your mind is not sure about who you are then get your body into the movements to help the mind believe. Go define your identity you want to be! Photo Credit: