A picture has a million words, the million words you choose.

I recently encountered a situation regarding my brochure redesign. I put a picture of myself in a TRX handstand on the cover. I asked several of my clients if they would pick up the brochure. Half said "yes" the other half said "no" as they were intimidated by the picture. I thought this was quite interesting for I have a great sense of pride of this picture and made me think of the million words a picture can tell and what it can't. Here is what the picture doesn't tell. This picture shows a tremendous amount of work and rehab. I have a standing joke that I am down 3.5 knees and have one joint left. These are from skiing, car accidents, a slip and fall and early years of poor training. Around 1999 I was running on the treadmill and somehow blew my shoulder. I felt like Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon trying to bang my arm back into place. I could not pick up my arm for weeks which made driving a stick shift a tad difficult. My arm was so weak that it hurt when I ran, walked, carry light items, drove and what frustrated me most was I was unable to carry my son. Fast forward....I worked very hard to run again and gain enough strength to be able to have my shoulders actually carry my weight. So to me the picture is a picture of my FIT (Function, Inspiration & Transformation) is one of hope. I wanted to carry my son and regain my strength which I did and then more. My injury moved me into the fitness and movement world to bring others hope to find their FIT. So when you see a picture and ready to put your million words into it, consider what a different set of million words may be.