Reaching a little bit further

I was taking a walk at Duke Island Park where I came in from an alternate direction. The day was beautiful and my thoughts were caught up on the ones I love so dear. As I approached the first break of the path I noticed that the bridge to continue was gone. Did they close it up? Do I need to turn around? I should have gone into the main entrance to walk this area. I squinted my eyes and convinced that the bridge was gone! I could have turned around but I chose not to. I took a few steps further, no change. A few more, still no change. A just a bit more and the bridge opened up to me in full view.
I could have trusted my eyes for the truth, instead I trusted my mind and heart. I knew it was there, I just needed to have faith in my beliefs not in what my eyes show me. Take that step of faith. Who knows of the truths that may exist inside you!