Five Words and Movement FUN

Our bodies each have a distinct history and I have yet come cross someone coming back with the same health history questionnaire as someone else.  So how can we each have the same exercise program? We can't and we are meant to move! Which brings me to a recent exercise to describe my business in five words.

This was a tough exercise for I feel I need at least 100 words because each of my clients have their story expanding the uniqueness of my business.  I did eventually come up with Be Fit Anywhere - "where exercise meets your FUN."  It may sound corny but I it says so much of my passion for people to get closer to their movement fun.  What is movement FUN?  Here are some examples from my clients on how they define movement fun.

Making homemade tomato sauce for the family and neighbors.  Doing arts & crafts with the grandchildren. Getting on the ground to play with the baby & toddlers of the family and being able to pick them up (this includes the family pets too!)  Golf with friends that includes the week long golf getaways. Curling up comfortably to a good book.  Maintaining strength to avoid hip & neck pain so traveling is much more pleasant. Strengthening around scoliosis to enjoy bigger and better hikes. Feel safe and strong to soften the fear of a past concussion injury.  Be able to enjoy long walks with the spouse.  There are so many more like teaching a youngster to ride a bike, running, gardening, sewing, video gaming, dodge ball to tennis and golf.  So What is YOUR movement FUN? 

Take a moment and really think about this.  Movement fun brings value to you and to everyone you touch. Movement fun is about being alive with joy. My mission and goal is to help you achieve the pathway and stay there.  Together we create the space "where exercise meets your fun" making the smiles I love to see and the stories of you getting to your play.  Today is not yet tomorrow - let's start to make tomorrow fun.