The Value of a Bench

When I see a bench waiting to politely at the side of a path so many thoughts enter my mind. I take a moment of thanks to the persons who choose to place the bench in that spot. The Bench offers so much we take for granted of the opportunity, comfort and joy it can bring. The bench is a place of rest before continuing down your path. The bench is a place to tie your shoe with ease or to place a few items to rearrange yourself. The Bench offers a place for companionship to enjoy a great conversation with a friend. It provides opportunity to perform exercises such as step-ups, push ups and more. It brings a moment of peace to sit quietly to meditate or watch the world go by. Each of us are a bench to some cherished people in our lives. We can offer space for persons to rest, be the companion to someone, be someone's playmate for exercise or offer the calm of sharing quiet space. Take a moment to reflect on those lovely persons we rely upon to be the lovely bench in your life for the perfect moments and how you are that bench bringing joy and comfort to others. When I see a bench next to the path, river or playground I usually seem to find a warm smile of gratitude to those that provided the opportunity to take a comfortable moment to sit. Read More