anufacturing Movement Programs  Manufacturing Movement Programs

Godelieve created a Pre-shift movement program for a global manufacturing company that produces Styrofoam foam meat trays. After a tour of the facility, she created a 3 minute routine for the entire plant staff to prepare their body for the demands ahead during their shift.  This type of program helps lower the absent rate due to pain and repetitive use injuries while helping employees feel better, lower their pain and prepare them for their specific task at hand. 
Expert Witness  Expert Witness

Need a fitness expert to look at your case? Godelieve already has that experience. With her keen knowledge in Chain Reaction Biomechanics and years of experience she can offer her expert opinion regarding your case.  Godelieve was an expert witness on behalf of the client, who suffered a broken wrist requiring plates and screws, and was able to be awarded for damages from her injury.
 Lunch & Learns / Wellness Seminars Lunch & Learns / Wellness Seminars

It has been shown that employees and their bosses who are more physically active at their work tend to perform a higher level of quality work.  Movement programs allow everyone to work off stress, clear the brain and feed the body the movement it craves.  A program well designed and delivered can help get your team on the move by showing them how easy it truly can be.