Spring Newsletter 2017


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Message From Godelieve

Thank you!  Thank you everyone for the wonderful well wishes of the 10th year anniversary celebration of Be Fit Anywhere and to everyone who came to the Art Show.  Tyler Babey, the featured artist expressed his greatest thanks and gratitude for coming to see his artwork.  Overall, the event was very well attended and I am still in awe of all the support everyone has given me over the years and evermore for the future. 

Now I'm thinking ahead for the next 10 years!  I'll need your help to expand this business to serve you better.  I have more ideas in my head and heart of products and services to offer however I want to make sure they match your style. Please take a moment of your time and complete the survey at the bottom of this email.If you are not familiar with Be Fit Anywhere, we offer training and movements services that fills the gap between post-rehab and full fitness function which allows the body to be available to learn the skill it is being asked to perform for all ages. So hearing from you about what topics, classes, workshops, retreats or group exercises classes you would like to see here at Be Fit is very welcomed as we plan the fall/winter schedule. Coaches and athletes your input is really important too as how we can help support each other. Please email me at gbabey@befitanywhere - I look forward to reading your suggestions and ideas. 

Thank you!


   Godelieve Babey, President
   Your Fitness & Movement Practioner

Nutrition Tip from Trainer Andrew Han

Nutrition tip:  This month's tip is to be aware of your carb intake! If you are trying to drop a few pounds as summer is right around the corner, think about how many carbs you are eating a day.  My tip for this month is to practice eating the bulk of your carbs in the morning and during lunch, try to skip the carbs during dinner.The reason is to use the carbs you consume during breakfast and lunch as energy throughout your busy work day and to fuel your workouts.  If you have a heavy carb dinner, which most of America does, it will only give you a burst of energy keeping you up at night, the carbs you eat isn't going to be used as energy since the day is over, so it will be stored as fat as you get ready to call it a day and hit the bed for a night's rest. For more tips or further questions email me at andrewhantraining@gmail.com your nutrition coach/personal trainer. 

Andrew Han
Personal Trainer
Cell: 848-202-0669
Strong Mind, Strong Body, Strong Spirit

Upcoming Events:

July 13                     Time to Get Organized: Time MAGICment 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
July 7 - 13                Godelieve VACATION  
September 7            Somerset County Business Partnership:
                                 Pathways to Fitness 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

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