Meet Godelieve

GodelievePortraitGodelieve Babey founded Be Fit Anywhere, LLC in 2007 with the mission to reunite your body with the ability to play and stay fit through exercise by providing quality personal training and fitness services to those who prefer to exercise in a non-gym environment.

Babey, Functional Movement Specialist has over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry, recently completed her Fellowship Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute, a B.A. in Economics from Rutgers University, personal trainer certification by the American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM) and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Through her Fellowship Godelieve also became proficient in Functional Manual Reaction (FMR).  She has extensive training in Functional Movement and its integration with TRX Suspension Straps. Some of her additional trainings include: group fitness, kickboxing, indoor cycling, pre-natal and senior training, boxing fitness, and CPR-AED, and ACSM- Inclusive Training to train persons with disabilities which broadens her training services for clients.

In her dynamic and customized sessions, Babey combines her acquired fitness training with modern and proven techniques to provide more options than stationary weight machines can offer. She believes “Desk Professionals” really do not need to sit any more than they have to especially in a stationary weight machine. They need to move to undo the sedentary damage. She has the patience and creativity to work with persons who have limitations such as those with the knee, back, neck, wrist and some cognitive issues. She takes the time to evaluate you from all fitness perspectives to determine if an exercise should be regressed to allow a motion to happen or advanced to give you the most from an exercise. She has been training a woman with a mental disability from ribboning at the Special Olympics to make medal in the states! She has seen clients lose weight and become stronger allowing them greater freedom of activities such as running a first 5K.

Babey is a member of ACSM, IDEA Health and Fitness Association, and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, Be Fit Anywhere, LLC is based in Hillsborough, NJ and serves clients throughout the surrounding area.

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