In June 2016 I had a discussion with my doctor because the medication I was taking to help prevent me from becoming diabetic was not agreeing with me.  The side effects were too severe to continue on the medication.  My choices were to go to a once a week shot or to make a lifestyle change.  I chose the latter.  My doctor suggested a trainer might be helpful. I am a seventy-one year old female.

I did some research online to find a trainer an when I saw the web page for Be Fit Anywhere I was immediately drawn to it because Godelieve works with the most fit (boot camp level) to people transitioning from rehab or physical therapy.  To me this means she knows to carefully evaluate a client's fitness level before developing a plan for him/her - to take on such a wide range of abilities means the plans must be totally individualized.  I met with her, signed up, and over time I realized that she takes in every detail that you share with her and she does not forget anything! I was concerned about being injured from being asked to do things beyond my capability, which had been my experience more than once as a gym member with a trainer.  With Godelieve, I am confident that I am in very capable hands.  She remembers which shoulder is quirky and which thumb has arthritis.  Not only does she work with me at my level of capability and modify the movement to work around my issues so I can keep on going, but she educates me as to why we do things in a particular way - having to do with the mechanics of the body and how everything is connected.  I marvel that something as simple as palm up or palm down makes such a difference. At the same time, Godelieve encourages me not to worry so much about specifics - just keep moving and my body will tell me if I am wrong. 

She educates me about nutrition.  One interesting approach to help me stay focused on mu goals is to have me create a "persona" that I can talk to when I might stray because fo old habits.  I have a persona called "Sweetie" who knows my old habits and works to get me back to having artificial sweeteners in my tea.  Now I speak to "Sweetie" and let her know that I can take it from here.  I recently developed another "persona" I call "Comfy".  During the holidays I went back to old standard foods and have had some difficulty getting back on track.  so now I speak with "Comfy" about it and let her know I would be more comfortable and healthier if I can continue to lose weight and gain strength and balance. Verbalizing makes this more of a commitment than just thinking it.

Godelieve is always positive in her approach - she takes joy in helping her clients achieve their goals beyond their imagination.  I told Godelieve she should not call herself a trainer because she is so much more.  She also calls herself a movement specialist, which is more accurate because what we do is not typical gym stuff.  I can't adequately describe how amazing this woman is. 

Working with Godelieve for the past six months has been life changing.  she has me believing I can accomplish my goals and they are not difficult - in fact I am actually enjoying the work!  I just need to keep on keeping on and I will get there! I actually enjoy our sessions and feel more flexible and energetic as a result.  I think devine forces have put me together with Godelieve and I'm forever grateful!

T.O. January 2017

I was referred to Godelieve almost a year ago by my acupuncturist.  I was moving very poorly.  My physical therapists had indicated I was not responding to their (limited) modalities and had "cut me loose" because they couldn't show for their improvement.  I was despondent.  And then something changed that helped be turn the corner.  I met someone who listened to me when I described what I felt in my body and how I was feeling.
This year has been a year of discovery.  A year of untangling years of compounded injury and compensations   Godelieve has been my Sherpa on a path that I thought was too treacherous, difficult, painful to walk.  She has supported me when necessary, pushed me when I needed to be and at all times explained what and why she was recommending a particular movement or exercise.  This was never at the expense of where I was or what I was capable of on any given day.  Her ability to analyze and adjust on the fly is amazing. 
I am a month from my hip replacement.  A year ago I would have considered needing the surgery a failure in someway.  Now I see it as the next step to my journey back to an active life.  Before I feared I would be less capable after surgery.  My movement was so restricted I doubted my ability to perform rehab.  After a year with Godelieve I am confident in my strength and the work we have done together.  This pre-habing has left me excited to see what is next and confident that I will be able to strengthen my muscles in their newly restored ranges of motion.  
I am incredibly thankful to Rhonda for referring me to Godelieve,  I am thankful for the partnership and friendship that has resulted.  This year we have laughed and yelled and cried together with what life has brought us.  It has been cathartic.  It has been healing.  It has been an inspiration.
I cannot wait to learn what the new year has for me in this sanctified space with foam flooring. 
Bill C.
Dec 2016

"I've worked with Godelieve for several years as a fellow trainer and GE instructor. She is awesome :-) First, the basics. She's on time and reliable. This should be a given... but many trainers are not. I'm most impressed with her dedication to continuing education. Just being certified isn't good enough; she is always learning and improving. I've also taken my family members (including my elementary aged daughters) to her as clients... because I completely trust her judgement and knowledge. If you are having an issue with a past injury, she is definitely the one to go to. She can help you correct issues with movement patterns so that you can improve and prevent future problems :-)"
-Denel B. of Bridgewater, NJ


"Dear Godelieve,

In the past 67 years I've come to distrust my and not like my body.  After multiple surgeries I felt let down and unhealthy because of it.  I've tried many exercise classes and had much useless PT sessions and always felt sore and never continued.  Since working with you I have learned to trust my body and improve myself as well!  You know so much about exercise anatomy and how to apply it everyday in my daily life!  I've never felt BETTER!! and I can actually climb stairs one leg at a time!  You're a great trainer and enlightening teacher.  I have learned SO much in the last four months and hope to continue with you for a long time to come.  Saying Thank You just doesn't seem like enough but "Thank You" and I can't wait to see you again!"
Sue C. 
Testimonial Be Fit Anywhere, LLC Godelieve Babey  


“I began my training with Godelieve after months of physical therapy for an injured shoulder and wrist. My strength and range of motion were limited in both affected areas. After just a few sessions with Godelieve, my doctor was impressed by the extent of improvement in both my strength and range of motion. As an added bonus, I have lost weight and inches that I thought I would never lose due to my age.

Godelieve’s workouts are never boring. Each session brings a new challenge! Godelieve is the BEST trainer I have ever had.” 
– Jackie M
jackie Women Fitness Post Rehab



“Oh My God! She is fabulous!!! She keeps you busy, works every muscle that you didn’t even know you had. Checks up with you the next day to see how you are doing. But always keeping it FUN!!!! Changes up the routine, so you never know what you are about to do. You can’t wait to see whats next. She listens to every concern you have, and works with it. Very professional. Best trainer I've ever had.” 
– Sandy

“I have arthritis in my right knee and hip and after 4 weeks of boot camp, I noticed I had much more strength, endurance and flexibility in all of my joints. Godelieve has an excellent understanding of muscles, anatomy and physiology and has been able to give me personal attention during each class making excercise for me fun as well as safe. Actually, my sister and friends from work commented on how good I have been looking! My clothes fit me much better, especially around the waist. I highly recommend Godelieve's boot camp to anyone.” 
– MJ Y. of Hillsborough, NJ

“A great trainer... As a Doctor, I refer many of my patients to her... she’s creative with her routine, which allows her to find fun ways for everyone to exercise, despite past or present injuries they might be dealing with.” 
– Jennifer R

“I look forward to each of our sessions and her creativity just amazes me. Her Knowledge on a vast array of fitness and physiologic topics always impress me.  5 stars isn't even enough!!!"” 
– Betsy O of Ringoes, NJ
betsy senior Fitness Post Rehab

“Godelieve’s approach is one that incorporates getting to know you as a person and pushing your limits to be the best you can be. Her personal training goes much further than exercise.” 
– Debra C. of Hillsborough, NJ
debra Strength Flexibility Women Fitness

“My sister, who has special needs, has noticeable flexibility, tone, balance and mobility as well as a spike in her self-esteem since starting Be Fit Anywhere.  Godelieve has tailored her program with skills that have led my sister to medal in the Special Olympics.” 
– Suzanne M. of Stroudsburg, PA
Jennifer Persons with Diasbility

“Since I've been training with Godelieve I have increased energy, strength and stamina. She is extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to any injuries I might have. Godelieve customizes my workout so even if I am having back pain for example I still feel like I'm getting a challenging session. If I have to relocate, I don’t know what I will do without her. ” 
–Debbie U. of Montgomery, NJ


“ I am thrilled to have an opportunity to share my thoughts about Godelieve Babey. There may just not be enough character space allowed! Godelieve is a very dedicated personal trainer who I have had the pleasure of working with for 2 1/2 years now. While Godelieve is kind-hearted, caring and very reliable, she's one tough lady who has been able to keep me motivated for all these months. I look forward to each of our sessions and her creativity just amazes me.

All that being said, what impresses me the most about Godelieve is that she seeks to know the very ins and outs of each of her clients so as to best sculpt his/her workout to ensure her clients get the most out of her time. Even though I suffer from chronic Achilles tendonitis from an injury over 15 years ago, during the past 2 1/2 years (including a 3 month hiatus for surgery) Godelieve never stopped reaching out to me, tweaking my workouts even during the early stages of recovery and now continues to adjust our sessions as not to complicate or cause harm to my injury.

Her knowledge on a vast array of fitness and physiologic topics always impresses me. 5 Stars isn't even enough!!!” 
– Rhonda W of Hillsborough, NJ



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